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Aman Bhayani

I make cool things.

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Hello! I'm Aman and I'm a developer. I like to find solutions to some of the worlds most complicated problems. In the below sections you can read about the projects I have worked on, along with my experience in the field. I am constantly looking for employment opportunities, and ways I can contribute my craft to the world. If you wish to learn more about me and what I do, please message me using the form below or at:

Location: Vancouver B.C.



I have a variety of skills. Here are some details:


Being able to work with people is necessary in order to be successful. One key aspect to success is communication. That's why I always communicate effectively, and maintain transparency to help achieve organizational goals.


Having a plan for a task is what helps in implementing it. I always emphazise strong design and a prelimary plan before even attempting to get technical. This provides both a solid outline for myself as well as whoever I may be working with.


Whether it be developing a game, a website, a mobile app, or a system we always encounter challenges in the process. Bugs, errors, adding new features and coming up with ideas, are all examples of this. For me, the process of trying to figure it out is what I enjoy the most.

LCD Matrix Display
Spectator Aerial Client
MTF Coder
Smart Beverage Dispensing System
This Website
Data Visualizer

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